Sunday, 11 November 2012

Mr Claus has gone Gangnam Style!

Yes my dears you read that right, those cheeky Elves were very sneaky on Thursday and decided to teach Mr Claus some Gangnam moves. I had the fright of my life Friday morning when preparing breakfast when Mr Claus burst into the Kitchen and took center stage with his perfected performance, bless him he does try and it was funny, the first time! Every time I passed his office through out the day he was stood in front of the mirror posing to the music. It reached a climax on Friday evening when he had a few glasses of my specialty Mulled Wine and he wandered off up the road, Gangnam dancing all the way!

It took 5 Elves and Rudolph to get him back inside, where he fell fast asleep. 
He has how ever promised me that if I reach 1000 followers on my twitty thingy he 
will never Gangnam again! 

But between you and me, I did have a go myself and I must say I am rather good *Giggles* but I shall keep that a secret until we have the annual Winter Ball where I shall take to the floor and rock my Gangnam Style HO HO HO!

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